Bulk Food Buying Club


Order Link: https://openfoodnetwork.ca/st-james-town-community-co-op/shop

Order: August 3rd – 7th
Pick up food: August 13th

Order: August 24th – August 28th
Pick up food: September 3rd

The Bulk Food Buying Club is an initiative the St. James Town Co-op is extremely passionate about. We began this journey in August 2019 by purchasing organic staple food items directly from distributors and farmers and selling them to the neighbourhood at a highly discounted rate. We are able to do this by cutting out the middle men in the equation, therefore making the food we sell at BFBC much cheaper than any grocery store or health food store.

What are the benefits?

  • Save money on your grocery bills
  • Access organic and healthy food
  • Help your neighbours do the same
  • Get to know other members, and learn about new foods, recipes, & cultures
  • Support fair trade with farmers locally and internationally
  • Build St. James Town’s food security


How Does It Work?

What Can I Buy?


Sign-up for the Bulk Food Buying Club: sjtbulkfood@gmail.com  or call/whatsapp: 905-717-0765

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