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Roots Rising

Black food sovereignty is about the Human Right to Food for all People of the African Diaspora, including us of Afro-Indigenous/multi-genetic descent. Whatever cultures, places, former colonies, or histories we came from, we all face anti-black systemic racism here in Canada and need to build Unity to achieve Equity and healthy food justice.

We are in the One Dish with One Spoon Treaty territory (great lakes region) and seek to work in Solidarity with the first peoples of this land and allies- to peaceably share and care for the resources and ecosystem of the GTA for all our relations and future generations.

About the Co-op

The community of St. James Town is one of the most highly educated and culturally diverse urban pockets in the world, with an estimated 140 languages spoken and 0.46 graduate degrees per capita. Home to majority newcomers, this densely populated high-rise, low-income neighbourhood has, unfortunately, remained overlooked and underserved for several decades. The St. James Town Community Co-operative was created by residents of the neighbourhood to address the growing need for food security, capacity building, and emergency preparation. Learn more about our projects below.



    OASIS Food Hub

    Our keystone project: a full cycle Food Hub for growing, distributing, and composting food.

    Good Food Buying Club

    An affordable and collaborative way to buy high-quality dried goods and local farmer produce.

    Emergency Food Program

    An emergency food relief fund which emerged in response to the impacts of COVID-19 on St. James Town residents.

    Roots Rising

    An inter-generational food and wellness collective that connects Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous People to the land and our cultural practices.

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