OASIS Food Hub

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OASIS is a model for an integrated, climate-resilient food hub for clean, affordable, healthy, and sustainable food. Learn more about the model on the OASIS website. 

The model of OASIS, or ‘Organic Agroecological Sustainable Integrated System,’ is a pilot project spearheaded by the St. James Town Community Cooperative and LIFT. The process of designing OASIS began back in 2006 and has incorporated extensive community input and engagement – you can read more about the history of OASIS here. In 2018, the City of Toronto funded LIFT and the Co-op to conduct a feasibility study on OASIS: OASIS FOOD HUB – FEASIBILITY STUDY 2018-2019 final. The study shows strong desirability, feasibility, and replicability of the OASIS Food Hub. The community is skilled, enthusiastic, and in need; but, requires investment and space to empower more time-commitment. There is a strong organizational network around OASIS to enable sustained success and growth.

OASIS:  2030 Sustainable Development Goals

OASIS is sustainable development, as defined by the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2016), as described below. These goals (and 169 targets) are included in the Paris Agreement to combat climate change that Canada ratified a few months later.

    1. Ending poverty — reduce poverty by creating jobs and providing access to affordable healthy food
    2. Zero hunger — reduce hunger by providing access to healthy food and enhancing incomes.
    3. Good health and well-being — the healthy food and micro environment, and the hope provided by the model, will enhance health and well being
    4. Quality education — the training and education program will provide meaningful high quality education towards sustainable employment
    5. Gender equity — SJTCC and OASIS are committed to gender equity and respect of all human rights
    6. Clean water — the project will collect, treat and purify water for the greenhouse and the community
    7. Affordable clean energy — the project will generate affordable and sustainable clean energy
    8. Decent work and economic growth — the project will provide good jobs and sustainable economic development for St James Town and other communities where replicated
    9. Industry innovation and infrastructure — the project is an innovative pilot for green infrastructure and food industry innovation.
    10. Reduce inequalities — the co—op time bank model and access to healthy food will reduce inequalities for members
    11. Sustainable cities and communities — OASIS will enhance the sustainability of St James Town and other communities where it is replicated
    12. Responsible production and consumption — OASIS is a model for responsible food production and consumption because it is clean, local and organic, and food waste used for composting will further improve responsible consumption
    13. Climate action — OASIS is designed for climate action on food and water security
    14. Life below water — providing an alternative source of fish so as to reduce the impact of fishing and in some cases using OASIS to raise fish to restock local rivers
    15. Life on land — OASIS produces more food on less land and is the most water efficient form of agriculture, the compost and organic fish fertilizer produced will also improve local soil conditions
    16. Peace, justice and strong institutions — OASIS is being developed with a community model that will provide a good example of human rights based development and strong public accountability
    17. Partnership goals — many useful partnerships with co—ops, educational institutions, local and senior governments, housing providers, engineering firms, suppliers, local food systems, etc.

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