Extreme Weather Community Emergency Planning

by | Jul 30, 2020 | Projects | 0 comments

What would St. James Town do in the event that there was a three-day power outage?

This summer, the St. James Town Community Co-op (SJTCC) partnered with Community Resilience to Extreme Weather (CREW) to start developing an extreme weather/event emergency community plan.

CREW is a community organization that supports Toronto residents and communities as they organize to help themselves and each other during extreme weather events.

In collaboration with CREW, the SJTCC hosted two outreach events focused on creating a resident lead plan. Using process mapping, we spoke with residents at a roundtable session and at the St. James Town Festival – gaining insight into the community’s assets, such as: locating underground spaces, local gas stoves, potential vendors for 3-day food supply, among many other resources.

CREW is helping the St. James Town Community Co-op:

  • Show residents the future weather projections for Toronto and why they’re going to change the way we live.
  • Help prepare residents and their family for the first 72 hours of a weather emergency.
  • Help residents identify vulnerable neighbours and make plans to check on them during a weather emergency.

Help get our neighbourhood ready by joining us at sjtcommunitycoop@gmail.com