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The St James Town Community Co-operative is a democratically owned organization that is run by and for the community.

At the SJTCC, we encourage people to join as members so that they can participate in the decision making process of the co-operative as well as use the co-operative as a way to support their own projects for the benefit of the community. Members must make a one year commitment to the co-operative. We normally ask people to volunteer or meet with us first before becoming members so that they understand what the co-operative is about and what their responsibilities are.

Benefits for members:

  • Your own Uplift Time Bank Account: earn time credits for participating!
  • Invitations and access to events, workshops, classes, tours, retreats, meetings, and celebrations
  • The right to vote on major decisions and projects of the co-op
  • Become a part of committee or working group member
  • Access to the member’s website
  • Opportunities for employment and entrepreneurial supports
  • Canadian experience and employment referrals (for reliable members)
  • Volunteer appreciation for helping to make St James Town stronger, healthier and safer for all residents


To be reliable, responsible and respectful of everyone’s human rights


  • Agree to the mission, values, policies and constitution of the co-op, and abide by the code of conduct
  • Participate in the democratic process with respect and to further the goals and objectives of the co-op.
  • The membership council is the body that governs the co-op’s mandate, direction, actions, policies and procedures. General meetings will be held with advance notice several times a year and notice of motions and new projects etc. will be sent in advance according to bylaws.
  • The board is empowered by the council to hold fiduciary duty and liabilities and carry out the legal requirements of the co-operative and direct the conduct of fulfilling strategic plans, projects and programs
  • Committees and working groups are delegated responsibility to carry out activities and tasks as agreed.
  • Members are required invest and contribute time and/or resources/talents to build and sustain the co-op for on-going mutual benefit, within their capacity.
  • Be responsible to your commitments and ensure that if needed, due to circumstance, your duties in running the co-op are passed on or carried out by others.
  • Attend working group and committee meetings, by Skype if necessary. If it not possible to attend, read and respond to motions/decisions within the timelines given, online. Failure to respond/vote will be taken as agreement.
  • Ensure that objections to proposals or motions are well-founded and amendments or alternative ideas are presented. Otherwise, you may abstain.
  • 3 incidents of violating the co-ops code of conduct or the law of the land will result in suspension or withdrawal of membership. If available fees/dividends owing will be reimbursed or paid, if no financial or physical harm has been caused.
  • The membership committee reserves the right the right to keep confidential specific or personal details of violations leading to suspension, withdrawal and/or termination of employment, in accordance with provincial law.
  • Summary financial statements/ board minutes will be posted within the month they pertain to and full detailed records available upon request

Co-op membership is annual and subject to a $5 annual membership fee per individual. To sign up or learn more about membership, please fill out the form below and we will reach out to you!

Code of Conduct

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