Don Valley Walk August 4th 2018

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Blog & News | 0 comments

On Saturday August 3rdthe St. James Town Community Co-op led a plant identification walk through the lower Don Valley. We were fortunate to be joined by knowledgeable and enthusiastic community members who shared their own perspectives and expertise to our walk. Among the plants we identified were Jewelweed, which can be used to treat rashes and irritations; Japanese Knotweed, a hardy invasive plant that acts as a cleanser for the liver, kidneys, and digestive tracts; and Wild Grape Vine, a native plant that can strangle and kill trees if left to grow without human stewardship. We also had informative discussion on the nuances of removing invasive species, particularly whether or not invasive species should be taken out of an ecosystem if they fill their ecological niche more effectively than their native counterpart. We ended the walk with a visit to the Evergreen Brickworks, and participants were excited to learn that that there would be more walks to come!

Check out images here:



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