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Ward 13 Candidates Forum

11 October 2018

Come along for a night of discussions with Ward 13 city councillor candidates about community resilience and emergency planning.

We really need a councillor who cares about the safety of the approx 60 thousand people living in diverse crowded low income High Rise communities- like St James Town, Moss Park, Oak St, 250 Sherbourne, Regent etc in Ward 13.

The 650 fire and other recent events highlight the need for developing onsite capacity in and around high rise buildings to safely weather storms, heatwaves and blackouts. So we’ve invited city councillor candidates from Ward 13 to share their ideas on how to prepare for extreme weather and other emergencies in High Rise Communities and discuss solutions to the issues of climate chaos at a candidates forum in St James Town. Community resilience also points to questions of food security in the community and having access to clean and healthy food.

We’ll begin the night off with a few questions that the St James Town Community Co-op and CREW have prepared. Then we’ll open up the discussion to the public to ask questions and have an opportunity for the candidates to have a discussion about any of the topics raised.

Refreshments will be provided! Please let us know if you have any accessibility requirements for the event.

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