OASIS Microfarms Network

Our goal is to help feed the community with healthy, culturally appropriate food and empower residents to be agents of their own food sovereignty.  

In partnership with Colleaga and HiGarden we are piloting an indoor hydroponic/aquaponic growing system to provide year-round access to healthy food.  This venture combines science, business, and food, to bring healthy food and jobs into the co-op community. Our goal is to expand this project within the community and share it with other communities that face food insecurity and hunger.

Our goal is to provide more households with apartment farms, for families to grow their own leafy greens and herbs, and create a large-scale community indoor growing system within one or more  of the many unused spaces within St James Town. This includes the pool at Flipside, underground pools, underground parking spaces etc.

 As this project expands so will job positions for community members as microfarmers, installers, trainers, and researchers.  


Through this project, we will:

-Expand our micro farm network  prototype to grow more good food; nutritious organic greens, year-round, right in our community  

-Create the OASISfoodhub social enterprise to create jobs for community members  

-Create spaces and systems within St James Town to increase our food security, mental health, and community connections.

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