UpLIFT Credit Exchange


The UpLIFT Credit Exchange, or UCE for short, is the timebank operated by the St. James Town Community Co-op.

What is a timebank?

The UCE is a kind of gift economy system that helps to track and value member contributions, and foster strong unified communities through exchanges of time and talents. In a time bank, like the UCE, members value each other’s time and needs equally, and exchange units of time based on principles of solidarity and reciprocity, which is different from the profit motivated markets we are generally used to. Timebanks operate outside of the dominant economic system, and offer an opportunity to participate in mutual aid.

Okay, I’m interested, what do I do?

hOurworld is an open source, co-op backed software program that helps us keep all our offers, requests, exchanges, groups, and individuals organized. Once you create an account, you can fill out your profile. You will get time credits for doing this!

This is the questionnaire for new members. After filling this out, you will have a quick call with the UCE coordinator, and come to an orientation which will give more in-depth information on how to use hOurworld. You will also get time credits for these actions! See how easy it is?

So what do I do with my time credits?

You can redeem your time credits for services in the community and – if you are a member –  for discounts and offers through the St. James Town Community Co-op!

Check out this graphic for the kinds of exchanges commonly seen in timebanks!

Upcoming Orientations

Every month there is an online orientation and an in-person orientation option. Click here to see when the next orientation is!

Learn more about the UpLIFT Credit Exchange:

More information on Timebanking:

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