Resident Capacity Building

Why Resident Capacity Building?

St. James Town is a highly educated neighbourhood with knowledge and experience from around the globe, but it is also low-income and underemployed. As such, there is a meaningful opportunity for community-driven knowledge sharing, exchange, and capacity building to develop a healthier and more resilient neighbourhood.

The Co-op is a platform for resident members to share and build knowledge and skills, whether it be cooking, language, farm work, or a plethora of other areas. Together, we build community economic resilience, break down barriers to employment - including lack of Canadian experience, language skills, and cultural competency - and ensure residents have a way to meet their needs through reciprocity in a social network. This contributes to addressing key social determinants of health. In the long-term, this will contribute to the overall well-being and health of residents in St. James Town.

This is accomplished through a community Time Bank, translator opportunities, and the Food Corps program: on-farm training with local farm partners. The Co-op additionally develops and shares educational resources, workshops, and volunteer opportunities. The combination of these activities help to empower residents to develop their leadership abilities and to create opportunities for green jobs in the neighbourhood.

St. James Town Co-op Timebank

The St. James Town Co-op Timebank allows resident members to exchange skills and knowledge!

Roots Rising

An inter-generational food and wellness collective that connects Black, Indigenous, and Afro-Indigenous People to the land and our cultural practices.

Job Opportunities

We are a team of St. James Town residents and friends of the neighbourhood. Join our team!


The Co-op offers many volunteering opportunities from delivering food hampers in the neighbourhood to volunteering in the garden!


Over many years we have compiled and created resources for members, residents, and/or food system radicals to access and add to.

Workshops + Events

Join a workshop to learn a new skills and build some connections! Interested in leading a workshop/event? Reach out to us!

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