Structure & Model

The St. James Town Community Co-op is guided by the mission to build inclusive community through healthy, affordable food and meaningful engagement.

It operates as a non-profit corporation and any profits to the Corporation shall be used for promoting and achieving its purposes.

Co-op members are comprised of any persons, 18 years or older, interested and committed to the goals of the Co-op. Members may reside in St. James Town or elsewhere, however, at least 50% of the Co-op membership must be St. James Town residents.

The Co-op is steered by a Board of Directors comprised of at least 50% St. James Town Residents. The Board of Directors includes an elected Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer, among other Board Members. The Board of Directors is elected by the general Co-op membership.

Right: Structure of the St. James Town Co-op and OASIS Food Hub.


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