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There are many way to get involved with the St James Town Community Co-operative and helping out the neighbourhood and the co-op. Signing up below will add you to an email list to receive info about all of our volunteer opportunities as they arise, with sign up forms attached. If you are eager to participate in one specific area, we welcome you to become a co-op member and join the committee responsible for a focus (ie. the community garden). Volunteer opportunities might include:

Emergency Food Response Program:

  • We are currently operating a short-term program to provide 200 healthy food boxes to SJT residents bi-weekly
  • Volunteering with this program includes packing food and/or delivering food hampers


  • Help to put up posters
  • Outreach Advocate: help connect with residents
  • Translators: Tamil, Tagalog, Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Create newsletters

Bulk Food Buying Club:

  • Collecting Orders
  • Internet Buddy – help neighbours learn to order online
  • Packing & Distribution
  • Delivery

Community Garden:

  • Garden maintenance, including planting, watering, maintaining, harvesting plants
  • Participating in garden work days to make the garden a friendly and welcoming place
  • Contributing to the compost maintenance

Community Food Preparedness

  • Recipe Creation
  • Community Cookbook
  • Food Preparation
  • Educational Videos

If you’re not sure about how you can contribute, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat with you about the co-op’s current projects, needs, and how you might be able to apply your skills and knowledge with us.

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