Community Garden

The community garden is a project that is near and dear to our hearts. Initially the backyard of one of our founding members, Josephine Grey; the garden was soon taken over by the co-op in hopes of growing our own food.

The garden is split into 2 sections:

  1. Plots for residents of the neighbourhood to grow their food
  2. The Co-op’s gardening area

This summer, the garden is going through a “Garden Beautification” phase where the summer staff got together to clean up the garden and make it more aesthetically pleasing.

On the to-do list of the Garden Beautification Project is:

  1. Clean up the garden
  2. Post new Covid-19 guidelines and precaution posters for visitors’ to follow
  3. Build a hand sanitizer station in order to decrease the spread of germs
  4. Build a bench for visitors
  5. Build a dehydrator to increase the longevity of herbs and greens from the garden
  6. Build a sign to identify the garden

After a long day at the garden, the summer staff were able to complete most of items on the to-do list:

We accomplished a lot, but theres still a long ways to go. We are certain that by the end of the summer we will be able to complete our entire beautification project.

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