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Be a part of a growing network for community empowerment and mutual benefit.                                  


Memberships with the St James Town Community Co-op are active for one year. Each subsequent year, to remain a member in good standing you must reapply and pay your annual dues.

New Membership ApplicationRenewal Membership Application

What types of memberships do we offer?

We offer memberships for individuals and households, with sliding scale dues.

We do accept applications from people from all areas, but are mandated to keep 55% of members as residents of St James Town. 

Organizations may also apply to join our co-op.

Co-operatives are collectively owned and governed by their membership

To read more about Co-ops and their guiding principles check out our About section (link)

This chart helps to outline the many benefits you can access by joining our Co-op:

Shared Goals and Principles

We are members because of our shared need for a community owned, democratically controlled non-profit enterprise to facilitate sustainable development projects in St. James Town, and share the following goals and principles:

  • To develop a community co-op model suitable for a multicultural, multilingual, low-income urban neighborhood;
  • To provide development support, community education & training to enable St. James Town residents to successfully run social enterprises & community projects;
  • To create opportunities for green jobs and improve health by developing resilient food security projects
  • To respect each other's time
  • To be responsible to your commitments

These principles are included in the full membership agreement which is accessible within the application form which also includes our code of conduct and a piece on our commitment to human rights.

Steps to Joining Our Co-op:

  • Review our website and make the decision to join.  
  • Fill out and submit your membership application, which includes signing your membership agreement.
  • Recieve your confirmation email from us.
  • Sign up for and attend an Orientation session 
  • Pay your dues by the method of your choice
  • Enjoy the many benefits, like savings on purchases, community events, educational opportunities, and more!