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We have many projects and many needs.

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General Operations

Some of our overarching needs include a suitable location we can operate from which we estimate to cost $3,000 in rent per month.

  • $1000 out of $3,000
  • Rent costs (~$2-3k/month)
  • Operational space within St James Town
  • Quotes for Cube Truck retrofit
Community Farm Trip/Food Corps Fund

Proceeds will be used on childcare and transportation for two pandemic-safe community education and capacity building Farm Trips. This will allow community members to take part in the St. James Town Community Co-op Food Corps program, conducted in collaboration with the Eco-Just Food Network. The Food Corps program trains community members to farm and grow food, simultaneously building resident food growing capacity and skills, supporting our local farmers, and growing food that will return to the community.

  • $1000 out of $3,000
  • Purchase & retrofit schoolbuses
  • Harvesting funds: $2000
  • Costs to Retrofit Cube Truck
  • Costs to build root cellar
  • Schoolbuses to transport from city to farm
  • Childcare services
  • Produce washing stations
OASIS Food Hub

Learn more about the OASIS Food Hub project here.

The core aim of the OASIS Food Hub is to provide community members access to a self-sustaining food system and to empower individuals to become less dependent on grocery stores.

  • $1000 out of $3,000
  • Costs to Retrofit Cube Truck
  • Large Shipping Container
  • Healthy Food Subsidies ($20,000)
  • Permit from TCHC to place shipping container
  • Outdoor cooling/misting fan
  • Alternative power generator
  • Water source
  • Outdoor Bluetooth speaker with at least 12 hours battery life
Winter Operations

Operating costs for fall and winter- 7k per month, money for freeze drying unit 15000k - for long term food reserves/emergencies, home cooked meal and cooking programs including childcare and kitchen rental - 6k per month

  • $1000 out of $28000
  • People and Overhead - $7000/month
  • Freeze Drying Unit - $15000
  • Cooking Program, childcare & kitchen rentals - $6000/month
  • Operational space
  • Storage space

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