Design Gathering #1 – Oct 13

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We had our first OASIS design gathering last Saturday, Oct 13 at the Wellesley Community Centre! Over 30 residents and participantscame out to share their ideas and vision what they want OASIS to look like in stage 1 and specifically how they envision a community kitchen and a food storage unit. We had great conversations and a delicious lunch to keep us going; there was also a kids group where youth got a chance to ask pertinent questions for the project and present a solid vision of what they wanted to see. The kids’ presentation definitely had the adults in the room thinking and chuckling.

The energy in the room was amazing and every table was buzzing with conversation and chatter. This is what we want to encourage in the community: people gathering to talk about important issues and solutions and meeting other folks in the community.We can’t wait for the smaller laser groups, set up through this design gathering, to work on more detailed aspects of the projects and bring more focus and expertise to the table. Our next design gathering is happening on Nov. 10 and allies are invited to join residents at this stage. Keep in touch to hear about other events and progress on OASIS coming up!

Check out more photos from the gathering from our Facebook album here.



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